The Low Profile Anchor Wizard

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The Low Profile Anchor Wizard
The Low Profile Anchor Wizard


Here is the Low profile Kayak Anchor Wizard! This is the original kayak Anchor Wizard's little brother; made of light weight plastic and strong bearings the Low profile Kayak Anchor Wizard makes a great accessories to any Kayak. Windy days, or strong current the kayak anchor wizard will hold strong.

Proudly made in the USA!


  • Base is 5.5"X 4.25"
  • Works in fresh and salt water
  • Cranks up to 10lbs


  • 45ft of 1/8" Rope
  • Mounting Supplies for track mounting and permanent mounting
  • 1 LP Kayak Anchor Wizard
  • 1 Kayak Anchor Chute


NOTE: Anchor Wizards Do Not ship in retail packaging. We do this to limit the impact on our environment and also to save our customers money on shipping.  All Anchor Wizards are 100% new, and have not been used or refurbished in any way. 

Safety notice: products not intended to be used for climbing

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