We think we're great but hear it from others to prove our point

  • You gotta use the right tool for the job, and the Tightline Anchor is definitely it. – Kevin Shaw (editor In Chief for Water Craft Journal)
  • My absolute favorite anchor and definitely one of the best anchors for kayaks and small boats! I mainly use the K5 in deeper water – Dennis Kieslhorst
  • Stop throwing away your money on anchors that do not do what they say they do. The K5 is your “spot-lock”. - Roberto Briones
  • Absolutely incredible anchors. Hold solid all the time - Supernewf71 Kayak fishing channel
  • 10/10 anchor will not let you down and looks good to boot. Dealing with Greg was a pleasure, super helpful and ready to answer all the questions I had - Mark and Marie
  • If you’re looking for a solid way to keep you locked in a position and able to continue to put fish in the boat without stressing about floating all over the pond here’s the solution for you – Eyecantfish
  • Nice to see a company using engineering to find the best material and designs for their products. Keep up the good work. – Vladimir
  • If you are trying to hold position over fish…. This is your anchor - KayakDIY
  • Awesome anchor for a great price! Got it for the seadoo and it's fantastic, compact and sleek. I didn't think an anchor could be a conversation piece out on the water but go figure! - Anthony MacPherson 
  • These kayak anchors are wicked. Hold solid and fold up so nicely - Dave Fowler