The K5 is manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel. 316 has superior corrosion and rust resistance in salt water and is a fantastic choice for high-stress applications. This anchor is built to last you a lifetime just like Grandpa’s old toolbox.

The K5 is rated for vessels under 1500 lbs including passengers and cargo.

The K5 performs best in loose sand, seaweed, mud and loose or large rocks. This anchor is not well suited for hard-packed sand or hard-packed gravel. A short piece of chain can be used to improve anchoring performance on larger vessels or in hard to anchor locations.

Like all other marine equipment, it is important to maintain your gear to ensure it functions properly when you need it to. An anchor is an integral part of your safety equipment and you should treat it as such. Before setting out for your next adventure, ensure the anchor arms are free to open, the swivel is intact and free to spin and the cable is free of abrasion and kinks. Also inspect your anchor line for abrasions and ensure the anchor is tied off to your vessel properly. Many anchors have been lost because they were not tied off to the boat! When returning from using your anchor you should rinse any salt water, sand and seaweed off of your anchor and anchor line to ensure reliable and lifelong performance. If you notice an anchor arm becomes tight, you can apply a small amount of hydrophobic grease between the mating parts. Ensure you use only enough to lubricate the joint and be conscious of the environmental impact you have on your waterways. If an arm becomes too loose over time, send it back to us and we will service your anchor for you (link to warranty)

Only use UV protected cable ties with a loop tensile strength of 18 lbs or less. Remember, you want to cable tie to break if you get your anchor snagged under something and the stretch in your anchor line can make it difficult to break cable ties heavier than the suggested 18 lbs.

The rule of thumb states you should have between 7 to 10 times as much anchor rode for every foot of water depth. Ex, for optimal anchoring performance in 10 feet of water, you should have 70’ to 100’ of line. Our anchors perform well in many environments with less line, but beware, you can not anchor a vessel in 10 feet of water with 12 feet of line. The anchor must be able to lay down to set properly.

We recommend using any of the following:

3/16” to 5/16” Braided nylon rope is lightweight, very strong and elastic which mitigates the stress of peak loads on the anchor and your vessel. 550 Paracord Anchor Wizard line that comes with the Anchor Wizard reel. DO NOT use Polypropylene twisted rope!


At Tightline Anchor, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that your anchor will provide you a lifetime of dependable service. Should one of our products fail under normal use, or due to a defect in materials or workmanship, we have you covered with our Lifetime* Limited Warranty.

Visit Warranty for an indepth description of what is covered under our Lifetime* Limited Warranty.


We ship our products from within the United States and Canada depending on your location. You will not have to worry about your products getting held up in customs or paying extra duties.

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