About Us

Tightline Anchor is a proudly Canadian, Veteran-owned company that started with two friends in a garage, envisioning how to build a more functional watercraft anchor. We were tired of fumbling with clunky anchors that were noisy and inefficient on the water. Whether we were kayak fishing, bass fishing, river fishing or recreationally paddleboarding, we knew there had to be a better way. Join us as we solve the problem of reliable anchoring for your small personal watercraft.   

  Tightline Mission:

To provide our customers with a collapsible, lightweight & well-crafted anchor that is safe and functional while on the water

 Tightline Vision:

To be the #1 anchor on the market for Kayaks, Canoes & Small Personal Watercrafts

 Tightline Anchor Features:

 Collapsible – Collapses for easy transport & storage
 Lightweight – Compact anchor that stands in at 9” tall & less than 3.5 lbs
 Well Crafted – Stainless grade 316 steel that ensures corrosion resistance
 Dependable – Smooth, quiet, secure pivot point with shear rating of over 1700 lbs
 Reliable – Brake spade design ensures quick and deep bite in sand, seaweed, mud & rocks
 Safe – Break away eyelets allow you to safely retrieve your anchor in the event you are stuck on the water

 Tightline Anchor Team:

 Greg Linton, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
 Thomas Langston, Vice President of Sales & Operations
 Farouk Dhanidina, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy