The ELITE Anchor Package. The K5 & The Anchor Wizard

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The ELITE Anchor Package. The K5 & The Anchor Wizard
The ELITE Anchor Package. The K5 & The Anchor Wizard
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This ELITE anchor package contains one Stainless Steel, Tightline K5, and one Low Profile Anchor Wizard. One payment, two great products! Price reflects the Stainless Steel finish K5 and includes shipping.

K5 Anchor

The first precision anchor specifically designed to meet the needs of the kayak, canoe and personal watercraft crowd.

Why use a K5?

  • The K5 is compact, 9 inches tall, collapsible and weighs in at under 3.5lbs.
  • The K5 is constructed completely of 316 grade stainless steel ensuring corrosion resistance and performance in saltwater environments.
  • The solid pivot rivets on the arms ensure a smooth, quiet, and secure pivot point with a shear rating of over 1700lbs. 
  • A precision swivel is affixed ensuring your anchor line will not twist and provides a smooth surface for you to tie off to. 
  • Our aggressive brake-spade design ensures the quickest and deepest anchor bite in loose sand, seaweed, mud and loose or large rocks. 
  • Break-away eyelets on the anchor base allow you to rig the K5 for retrieval should it become hung up under the water.
  • The K5 easily collapses for transport and conserves space in your vessel and is compatible with the Anchor Wizard.

Anchor Wizard

Here is the Low profile Kayak Anchor Wizard! This is the original kayak Anchor Wizard's little brother; made of light weight plastic and strong bearings the Low profile Kayak Anchor Wizard makes a great accessories to any Kayak. Windy days, or strong current the kayak anchor wizard will hold strong.

Proudly made in the USA!


Base is 5.5"X 4.25"

Works in fresh and salt water

Cranks up to 10lbs


45ft of 1/8" Rope

Mounting Supplies for track mounting and permanent mounting

1 LP Kayak Anchor Wizard

1 Kayak Anchor Chute

Safety notice: products not intended to be used for climbing

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